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Channeling Children’s Spring Energy

Expect new behaviors in spring. The same force that courses through blossoming plants and propels baby animals to explore their surroundings runs through children’s bodies. The new season brings exuberance and even restlessness for something new. Play yards feel suddenly too small. Rules and boundaries are tested. Chasing games abound. Voices are louder. Instead of worrying that children’s personalities have changed, remind yourself that it’s spring – a time of new growth.

This is the season to utilize children’s energies and help them “spring forward.” Offer new responsibilities that use their bodies in vigorous ways. Engage the family in deep spring cleaning. Even young children love using scrub brushes. Get the whole family to wash windows. Move furniture. Set up a weeding project. Haul broken branches. Push a wheelbarrow.

Heavy work at any age helps calm the body and organize the nervous system. Spending time on outdoor projects also regulates children’s bodies. When children are arguing or behaving inappropriately indoors, remember that they need to work out their energies, and expansive outdoor activities or physical work of all kinds can be the remedy.

Vigorous activity can also help children to be able to adjust their sleeping habits with the time change. If children’s bodies are tired, they will fall asleep more easily.

This is also the season of new growth for adults. Spring is a good restart old projects that you’ve put aside or launch brand-new ones. Teaming with your children in vigorous activity will bring everyone a sense of joyful spring accomplishment.


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