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Meher Schools Alumni

When our students go out into the world, they are each like a pebble that has been tossed into a pond. Eventually, the widening rings radiating from each small pebble reach the whole expanse of the pool. These stronger, more resilient, loving people affect everyone they meet, thereby imparting these qualities more fully into a continually expanding sphere of life.


Alumni Fundraiser & Community Builder

The pandemic brought about many changes to life at school. One uplifting surprise was a strengthening of our school community. Now, we'd like to rekindle our alumni community! To keep up to date with life at school or to connect with fellow alumni, join our mailing list below and follow us on social media.

The pandemic also resulted in a reduction in tuition and income. By donating to the school, you can help us support families financially affected by the shelter-in-place and avoid staff furloughs.

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