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Creative Expressions of Beauty

The visual and performing arts are part of the fabric of everyday life at The Meher Schools. Students are surrounded by art, music, literature, and poetry that reinforce academics and celebrate our values.

The arts stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. They’re ways of communicating ideas, feelings, and information, and they open children’s eyes to the harmony and beauty that surround us.

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Drama in preschool involves daily imaginative play and delightful opportunities to act out stories and short plays. The elementary drama programs help children develop communication skills and self-confidence, and provide opportunities to work together toward a shared goal. Students experience their own strength of character and value as members of a group.


Art enriches learning at all levels, in every subject. It is a daily part of preschool, and our emphasis is on creativity and enjoyment of the process. In elementary, teachers integrate art into each academic subject. In addition, students take weekly art classes taught by professional artists, and are introduced to an array of media and techniques.  


Music, especially singing, is integrated throughout the school day in every classroom. Our program includes songs related to our values and academic concepts. Children in grades K-5 are also invited to join one of our after-school choruses. Our performing chorus has performed in Washington, DC, New York, San Francisco, and other cities.

Cooperative & Harmonious Living

Selfless Service

Unity in Diversity

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