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Building a Love of Learning

Kindergarten is a time to build a strong foundation for life-long learners. Five- and six-year-olds explore learning through structured activities, and happy balance of work, art, and play time. A clear, predictable schedule, theme-based curriculum, and hands-on projects provide opportunities for students to learn about the world around them through teacher-guided and independent activities.

In our kindergarten, children learn cooperatively, playfully, through music, movement, art, and pencil-and-paper activities. Teachers are skilled in providing developmentally appropriate activities to move each student’s skills forward with enthusiasm and kindness.



We believe kindergarten is a time to learn and play. Our kindergartners learn foundational reading, phonics, writing, math, and science skills. They do this playfully, through music, movement, art, and pencil-and-paper activities. Each day includes structured and unstructured play times to provide opportunities for social and emotional development. Our children leave kindergarten well-prepared for first grade in any environment.


Each class is led by a team of two to three full-time teachers. The student-teacher ratio is about 9 to 1. Nearly all of our staff have experience working with preschoolers, ensuring they are familiar with the range of developmentally-appropriate skills that children demonstrate in kindergarten.



For many years, we’ve offered a two-year kindergarten program for children with fall birthdays. Children turning five between September 1 and December 31 enter TK, with the expectation they will do a second year as “older” kindergartners. Children often are increasingly interested in letters and numbers as they turn five, and our two-year program gives children with fall birthdays the opportunity to practice working with those concepts without the expectation of mastering them quickly.


Kindergarten students attend weekly Enrichment Classes that support and broaden the classroom curriculum.


Classes include...

  • Theater Arts / Drama

  • Gardening

  • P.E.

  • Library


Students attend each class once per week in addition to daily indoor and outdoor work and play.


Full– and Half–Day Options Available

Full-day: 8:40am to 2:00pm
Half-day: 8:40am to 11:45am

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