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Staff Spotlight: The Alumni (part 2)

Including the spring and summer, there are 22 Meher Schools staff members who attended the school as children. We asked this special group a few questions, and some of their responses are shared below. This is part 2 of 3. Stay tuned for more responses next week!

What is something that you learned at The Meher Schools that stuck with you?

  • Kyle LaMay, elementary aftercare teacher: I learned about kindness toward others and about having a strong work ethic. (Because of fifth grade, I did really well academically in sixth grade and beyond.)

  • Warren Wallace, director of admissions: Treat everyone with kindness. Try your best at every single thing you do.

  • Ivy Summers, elementary co-principal: The general principles of trying your best, learning/growing by working with other people (rather than competing against them), and having a beautiful and organized environment.

  • Amy Weinstein, elementary theater teacher: I learned that what other people think of me doesn't matter as much as what I think of myself.

  • Chloe Gilmore, kindergarten teacher: To come at everything you do with love. To consider the importance of love in as many areas of life as possible. It has taken me so far.

  • Vince d’Assis, elementary co-principal: Every person has value. Even if you can't see it on the surface, it's there.

  • Beatrice Lindemuth, preschool and elementary substitute teacher: The importance of the arts, the value of nature, and how to be respectful and accepting of all people.

  • Adrienne Wallace, garden teacher: Be accepting of everyone, no matter what.

What is something from the school that made you who you are today?

  • Hannah Anderson, D.R.A.M.A. Camp teacher: My love of animals and art both started at The Meher Schools in the form of nature walks and always being encouraged to draw, and I am now trying to double-major in both at college.

  • Catherine Thompson, elementary P.E. teacher: I had a solid core of inner strength from my time at the school. It was buried for a while, but it surfaced when I needed it the most. I have always been able to count on the fact that I am worthy of love and have something to offer to the world, because of my time at the school.

  • Vince d’Assis: The messages in the songs stuck with me. I didn't register them consciously until much later in life, but the values we sang about became a part of my being.

  • Amy Weinstein: The school always teaches kindness and friendship. Finding friendship in unlikely places and creating bonds with people who you may not usually hang out with is a huge part of what it means to go to The Meher Schools.

  • Kyle LaMay: Learning how to be compassionate toward others.

  • Anna Parker, preschool teacher: I’m observant and that helps me in my job.

  • Chloe Gilmore: The drama program and chorus were huge for me. People probably couldn't see that because I was still so shy, but on the inside I was incredibly proud of the parts I was given and the professionalism with costuming, makeup, and lighting.

  • Rohan Iyer, D.R.A.M.A. Camp volunteer: The ideals and morals that I was instilled with, and the memories of the friends and teachers I had there shaped who I was as a person.

Check back next week for more in our third and final installment of the alumni staff interviews.


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