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Staff spotlight: Ms. Indi (Room 7)

We’ve been fortunate to see Indi Wibisono’s smiling face at The Meher Schools for 15 years, as one of our most experienced kindergarten teachers, an elementary aftercare teacher, and as part of the Breakfast Program team. Indi, who grew up in Indonesia, is truly dedicated to the school. When asked about her interests outside of her job, she says they still revolve around school. She loves art, for example, but says that “most of my artwork involves preparing students' work.” She likes seeing how her own art ideas are “transformed differently through children's eyes.”

One of Indi’s favorite things about the school is seeing the excitement in children when they discover something new. She says, “Although I’m not always able to keep up with their energy, I can relate to their energy and their excitement.” She also enjoys learning about their varied interests, “like horses, mushrooms, cats, and dinosaurs,” and seeing their different learning processes. She says that some students question everything they learn, others prefer tactile learning, and others are drawn to visuals. Indi does a great job adapting to each student’s learning style and helping them explore new ideas. She also has a wonderful time playing with the students. She explains how when she plays, “they think of me as a big kid, and they’re very serious about games and forget that I’m their teacher.”

Indi says the main lesson she hopes children will take from their time here “is knowing that they matter to us, that they can always come back and visit our school and will be welcomed as who they are.” She says that the school “works very hard to fit each unique personality into our community. Everyone is welcome and given a place to shine.”

We agree, Indi, and we appreciate you shining your light here for us every day. Thank you!


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