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Equity & Inclusion Committee 2022

The Meher Schools is committed to honoring diversity. We believe that by getting to know each other, children will not only learn to respect and celebrate differences in cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds, but also to see the core of each person that makes us human.

While diversity, equity, and inclusion work happens daily in the classrooms, parents and staff members have formed the Equity and Inclusion Committee to further this work on a schoolwide scale. The committee meets once a month, usually the first Thursday, from 3:15 to 4:15 p.m., over Zoom.

The committee spearheads the cultural displays that you see on our first tier Hallway Gallery, plans other events like the cumbia band that played in October, and organizes resources for parents and teachers.

We welcome parents who are interested in attending every meeting and being involved in the core work of the committee, but we are also happy to have parents participate occasionally, when they are available or when they feel compelled to be involved in a particular month’s celebration. The planning meeting for each month takes place during the prior month’s meeting. Individuals may continue some preparations after the meeting.

Please take a look at our draft 2022 calendar below. If you are a current family or staff member who would like to attend, see the eNote sent January 5 for details on attending.


  • Planning meeting: January 6 at 3:15

  • Focus: Black History Month


  • Planning meeting: February 3 at 3:15

  • Focus: Women’s History Month


  • Planning meeting: March 3 at 3:15

  • Focus: Arab and Middle Eastern Heritage Month


  • Planning meeting: April 14 at 3:15

  • Focus: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

  • Focus: Mental Health Awareness


  • Planning meeting: May 5 at 3:15

  • Focus: Celebrating the LGBTQIA+ Community


  • Planning meeting: June 2 at 3:15

  • Focus: Celebrating Mother Earth


  • Planning meeting: July 7 at 3:15

  • Focus: Children Helping


  • Planning meeting: August 4 at 3:15

  • Focus: Celebrating Families


  • Planning meeting: September 1 at 3:15

  • Focus: Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month

  • Focus: Disability Awareness


  • Planning meeting: October 6 at 3:15

  • Focus: Native American Heritage Month


  • Planning meeting: November 3 at 3:15

  • Focus: Celebrations Across Cultures


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