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Learning to See the Oneness of All

The Meher Schools is committed to helping children learn to honor diversity. We believe that by getting to know each other, children will not only learn to respect and celebrate differences in cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds, but also to see the core of each person that makes us human. We believe that by supporting an environment of acceptance and by living together day to day, our children learn that at the core they are all one. 

We embrace diversity of every kind and don’t “test” for admission or screen children out because they’re “different.” We welcome and honor those things that make each child unique. At the same time, we emphasize commonalities and higher principles that transcend superficial differences.

Since our inception, we have had the privilege of integrating children with unusual developmental patterns in our classrooms. Children with Down syndrome, language and developmental delays, and autism have joined our classes as fully participating members.

Cooperative & Harmonious Living

Selfless Service

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