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Student Music Assemblies Return (And You’re Invited!)

During a normal school year, our fifth grade hosts regular music assemblies for second-through-fifth graders who want to share their talents with others. Since in-person gatherings are out of the question for now, they’ll be hosting them online, starting this Saturday, from 11 till about 11:30 a.m. After the students’ performances, there will be a singalong with Paul (“Mr. Z”) Zwicker, who taught here many years ago and has been returning ever since to play guitar and sing with the younger grades.

Music assemblies are a fifth grade class project. The students contact the teachers about the events, and the teachers contact parents and students. Students reply if they’re interested, and their responses are sent to the fifth grader in charge of keeping track of the performers. The class rotates responsibilities: gathering performers, organizing the program, and emceeing the assemblies. And as you’ll see Saturday, they do a great job!

Check your Wednesday Message email for the link to join.

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Jade Barnes
Jade Barnes
Oct 10, 2021

I enjoyed reading yourr post

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