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Outdoor Movie Night!

More than 50 families snuggled up against the chilly autumn air to share our first-ever Outdoor Movie Night on Saturday.

As they came onto campus, families walked along a red carpet (it was really paper, but don’t tell anyone) that took them up the central walkway and down Tier 2 to the playground. Tier 2 had been transformed into our own version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with the names of all our staff members printed on stars posted on the wall.

Once they arrived at the playground, families picked up bags of popcorn and cans of sparkling water, found their seats, bundled up, and settled in for two hours of fun. The movie was Pixar’s critically acclaimed Ratatouille.

Before the movie, though, third grade mom Rachel raffled off Meher School mugs, sweatshirts, and T-shirts. The movie was introduced by preschool dad Jan Pfenninger, a who is a graphic artist at Pixar. Jan talked about how animated movies are made and added some fun facts about Ratatouille.

The movie was projected onto a 30-by-20-foot inflatable(!) screen. The plot follows a rat named Remy who dreams of becoming a chef and tries to achieve his goal by teaming up with Linguine, a hapless garbage boy in a Parisian restaurant. It’s about being creative and being brave enough to take risks – and make mistakes – in pursuit of your dream.

The event was organized by our Parent Steering Committee. We offer our thanks to Rachel and Jan, Liz and Miles, Jen, Morgan, elementary Co-Principal Vince d’Assis, and everyone else who helped behind the scenes.

“It was such a fun night!” Liz says. And we suspect it won’t be the last of its kind.


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