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Mental Health Panel Answers Parents' Questions

Panel members, seated, from left to right: Maggie Stagg, PsyD; John Osborne, LCSW; Wendy Ritchey, PhD; Susie Kohl, a child development authority; Sigrid Karina Madrigal, a positive psychology coach. That’s Warren Wallace on the left.

Five mental health professionals answered wide-ranging questions from parents at a panel discussion held on campus Monday night. Sponsored by our Equity & Inclusion Committee, the panel was held in connection with Mental Health Awareness Month. Meet the panelists.

Click the links below to see videos of the panel’s responses to questions:

What is mental health? What is mental illness?

How can we support a child who acts aggressively toward parents at pick-up time?

How can I talk to my kindergartner about ADHD?

What advice do you have for a family whose child has been diagnosed with a chronic disease?

How do we increase a child’s frustration tolerance?

Can normalizing “big feelings” lead to not seeking help?

How should we deal with rude and disrespectful teens?

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