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Kindergarten: Curriculum and Schedule

We recently shared some insight into what makes our kindergarten program special. This week we’re exploring our academic curricula and schedule.

Our kindergarten language arts program blends two standards-aligned curricula. The National Geographic Reach for Reading curriculum introduces phonics, parts of speech, and vocabulary an expansive way, inviting students into new worlds as they learn to read. The program incorporates themes, stories, and images from around the globe. The Units of Study program encourages children to begin recognizing words and sentences and putting their ideas into writing. The program is designed to teach each child at his or her own level, providing support or challenge work when needed.

Our rich science program includes the FOSS (Full Option Science System) curriculum, which engages children in hands-on science experiments with tangible results, and our own in-depth exploration of animals and the environment, which uses our whole campus as a field for study.

Like many schools in our area, we use Eureka Math for our math curriculum. However, we add art, songs, math games, and hands-on manipulatives to lessons to make them more engaging and developmentally appropriate for kindergartners.

To enrich their learning, kindergartners attend weekly garden, drama, PE, and library classes that build on and expand their in-class lessons.


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