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I Think I Can, I Know I Can!

Free Copies of Book Co-Authored by Susie Kohl and Wendy Ritchey Available to Parents and Teachers

In the early days of the pandemic, we held a Zoom session for parents to help them help their children – and themselves – deal with the daunting challenges of remote learning. One of the participants in the group was a therapist who recommended a book she used in her practice, I Think I Can, I Know I Can! Using Self-Talk to Help Raise Confident, Secure Kids. Imagine her surprise when she learned that the co-authors of that book were the two women co-facilitating the Zoom session, Susie Kohl and Wendy Ritchey. (Susie was writing as Susan Isaacs at the time.)

Wendy recently came across 25 copies of the book that had been provided by the publisher and is making them available for free to Meher Schools parents and teachers.

I Think I Can ... outlines a five-step program that, as the Amazon review explains, “teaches parents how to observe their children’s inner dialogue – the words kids repeat to themselves that reinforce anger, fear, or lack of confidence – and show their children how to change the negative voices into positive ones. ... The authors offer specific advice on using self-talk to control anger, overcome fears, improve school performance, make and strengthen friendships, [and] handle stress.”

The book is as relevant today as it was when it was written, 30 years ago, says Wendy, a retired psychologist and former member of our board of directors. “Readers might notice the similarity to mindfulness concepts. Noticing what is is the basis of mindfulness training. Welcoming mistakes, rather than fearing them or criticizing yourself for making them, is the basis of ‘growth mindset.’ Both popular psychological trends are supported by research and are central to the approach we took in I Think I Can, I Know I Can!

Signed copies of the book are available on a table outside the Office.

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