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Help for Haitian Immigrant Mother and Son

GoFundMe Site Supports Refugees Taken In by Meher Schools Family

Haylene Anesoir, the mother of Pearla in first grade and Marielle in preschool, has contributed to our community in vital ways since she came to the school four years ago. Haylene is a pediatrician who has volunteered as a substitute in our preschool any time we’ve asked on her one weekday off. She has been part of our Equity and Inclusion Committee and participated in our book group last year.

Haylene’s husband, Pierre, who is from Haiti, is an iron worker, most recently working nights on the Golden Gate Bridge. They help support his family in Haiti.

Recently they were surprised by a call from a detention center in Texas, informing them that Pierre’s niece, Maryse, had arrived in the U.S. as a refugee and knew no one else in the country. Within days 26-year-old Maryse and her four-year-old son, Damian, arrived to live with them.

Maryse and Damian had been traveling by foot across Central and South America for two months, living under bridges with little or nothing to eat. Both are emaciated. Haylene and Pierre are working to get them medical care and connect them with immigration resources.

Learning of their situation, two Meher Schools parents established a GoFundMe site for the family. Maryse and Damian’s “perseverance and resilience in the midst of many obstacles is nothing short of miraculous and speaks to their amazing human spirit,” the site notes.

“We are hoping to be able to come together as friends, neighbors, and parents to help offset some of the costs for this wonderful and generous family.”

Funds raised through the campaign will also be used to arrange safe passage for the rest of Pierre’s family from strife-torn Haiti to a more secure location.

Click here to learn more and to contribute.


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