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Halloween 2021: A Festive Relief from COVID Stress

Check out our Halloween video here!

Halloween has always been the most festive day of the year at our school, but this year’s celebration seemed even more festive than usual, probably because it offered a welcome relief from the stress of the pandemic.

In addition to the much-loved parade of costumed elementary students through the preschool yards, this year’s event included some special activities.

Following the parade, K–5 students marched to Halloween-themed songs on the big playground to give other students a chance to see their costumes, many of which were quite clever.

Kindergartners and first graders went “treat-or-treating” at the second through fifth grade classrooms, where they were given unicorn erasers, jewel and spider rings, stickers, and other non-edible treats. Some of the fifth graders and a couple of their parents had elaborately decorated the hallway outside Room 15 to create a Halloween atmosphere.

Each of the nine elementary classrooms was given a colorful piñata made by the fourth graders. Inside were Halloween “snap” bracelets. This is the third year teacher Amy Weinstein’s social studies students have made piñatas. She provided a fact sheet about piñatas so other teachers could use the activity as a “teachable moment.”


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