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Growth Mindset Presentation for Parents

The beginning of a new school year can be a challenging transition for families. We're pleased to offer a parent education session on “growth mindset” to set the tone for the year.

Growth mindset, the belief that your basic skills and strengths are things you can cultivate through your efforts, has been linked to greater achievement as well as greater enthusiasm for new learning and challenges. It has led to parenting approaches that are quite different from the way many of us were raised. Instead of punishing failure and rewarding success, parents learn to reward effort and attitude. They move away from "You’re good at math" or "You’re not a good athlete" to praising effort and improvement. In doing so, they instill in their children a love of learning and resilience in the face of difficulties.

This presentation is for parents. It will be conducted by psychologist Wendy Ritchey and first grade teacher Karima Hastings, who uses growth mindset in her work with students. They'll give an overview of growth mindset and show how parents can use this knowledge to help their children. There will be opportunities for parents to ask questions.

The presentation will be held via Zoom on Monday, August 21, at 7:30 p.m. Current families, please check your email for the Zoom link.


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