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Gopher Baskets and Words to Grow By

Twenty-five parents and children came to school Saturday morning for our second Family Garden Day, and a very productive morning it was. With each family working in its own area of the Butterfly Garden to comply with COVID guidelines, together they planted 45 plants. And as they learned, there’s more to planting plants than digging a hole and placing a plant in it.

First, explains garden teacher Adrienne Wallace, each hole is lined with a chicken-wire “gopher basket” to keep the critters from eating the plant. On Saturday the baskets were made by a team of three volunteers. The new plant is placed in the basket, and a soil-and-compost mixture is tucked in the hole around it. Then a natural fungus-based fertilizer is applied that helps the plant access more nutrients. “Lastly, we put mulch around it and say kind words to encourage the plants to grow big and strong!”

This was the second of four planned Family Garden Days. The next will be on April 17.


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