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Good-Bye, Miss Nancy—and Thank You!

Snack time with Miss Nancy on a warm summer afternoon

Nancy Burgess, who was a teacher at our school when we first opened our doors in 1975, has retired. In 1981 she left to teach in the public schools, coming back during the summers to work in Drama Camp, where she taught art and drama classes and helped with costumes.

When she retired in 2007, she returned to The Meher Schools, where she worked in our kindergarten and elementary aftercare programs and, most recently, in preschool aftercare. Over the years, she’s also been part of a team that makes cookies, cupcakes, and other treats for Founders Day, Halloween, and other celebrations.

“I treasure seeing the children working on their lives,” she says—“learning and growing, saying amazing things and doing amazing things.

“I’ve loved learning about the Nurtured Heart Approach. We’ve always tried to be understanding and present for the children and their needs, but Nurtured Heart gives us a systematic way to implement our best knowing.”

Nancy may be officially retired, but she’ll continue to be a presence at the White Pony. “I love children’s books and will be coming back to the classroom and keeping in touch with my former students by being a volunteer reader.”


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