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First Grade’s Holiday DriveFeatured on SF Radio Station

More than 200,000 Bay Area residents may have heard about our first grade’s holiday toy and outerwear drive for the White Pony Express General Store. The project was featured on San Francisco news radio station KCBS.

A White Pony Express volunteer informed the station about the drive, and they sent reporter Carrie Hodousek on December 22 to interview Room 10 teacher Laura White and two of her students, who came to school that day just for the interview.

Laura explained, “The children were really inspired reading about families that are going through hard times and don’t have access to all of the things that our families at this school have access to.”

First graders searched their rooms for toys and puzzles they no longer used and encouraged others to do so too. Room 10 student Noor Elyse told the reporter, “When I did that, I would think, ‘I kind of want that toy, but the kid who’s going to get it is going to be very, very happy – much happier than I’m going to be if I have it.’”

Her classmate Mani-Ann said, “It makes me very happy, and it almost made my heart burst, and I almost cried.”

KCBS aired the report several times the following morning, and you can hear it on the station’s website. One of the most popular stations in the Bay Area, KCBS has over 216,000 listeners.


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