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Encouraging Positive Behavior

Nurtured Heart Workshop For Parents and Caregivers September 12

The Nurtured Heart Approach encourages positive behavior in all children by noticing and emphasizing all the little things, often overlooked, they do well every day. Teachers in our preschool and elementary school have been using this strategy for years.

When adults focus on “fixing” negative behavior, the traditional approach to discipline, we can unwittingly cause destructive patterns to increase. The Nurtured Heart Approach teaches adults to give energy to children’s positive qualities, which in turn amplifies and expands them. The goal is not simply to produce “good” behavior but to build children’s strengths and help them become all they can be.

We’ll be hosting a free online Nurtured Heart workshop the afternoon of September 12. The presenter will be Celeste Elsey, the author of Greatness Kids Initiative: Activities to Bring NHA to Life in Education, Families, and Youth Groups. The title of her workshop is “Nuts & Bolts of the Nurtured Heart Approach for Parents and Caregivers.”

The two-hour event will begin at 4 p.m. By attending, you can align with how teachers work with children in our classrooms. There’s no need to sign up. We’ll publish the Zoom link in next week’s Wednesday Messages.


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