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Black History Highlighted

While our school strives to incorporate Black history into the curriculum year round, February, recognized as Black History Month, presents an opportunity to highlight the rich Black history that is interwoven into the fabric of America. This year the school will be creating a visual display to celebrate the month. Each elementary grade will research a grade-level-appropriate area of Black history and create a visual contribution to a hallway display that may include writing, illustrations, photos, and more.

One section of the display will be reserved for contributions related to Black history from Meher Schools families. This might include a family story or photograph, a special recipe, a favorite poem or quotation, or a photo of a relevant children’s or adult book.

The display will start next Monday, February 1, and build throughout the month. It will be in our "hallway gallery," at the top of the center steps leading to the upper tiers (where the “helpers” display has been).


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