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AAPI Compassion in Action: Resources

We’re including resources below for families and staff about things they can do to increase awareness and put compassion into action. Starting with these resources, we hope to contribute to making the world a safer place for people facing discrimination.

How can I discuss this issue with my children?

  • NPR Codeswitch: This radio segment and associated article feature Christine Koh, a neuroscientist and parenting book co-author.

  • Very Well Family: This article provides practical tips for both Asian and non-Asian families. For example: “Non-Asian parents of younger children can focus on similarities and differences between their children and Asian children and families.”

  • This article gives some examples of wording that’s appropriate for young children, such as “People are being hurt because of the way they look.” The author also discusses the importance of listening to the children.

How does this affect children?

What organizations are fighting against Asian hate and supporting the AAPI community in other ways?

What else can my family do?

  • Look for local events to attend. There have been many already, including some featuring our own former students and parents, and new ones are being planned.

  • Support Asian-owned businesses.

  • Support one of the organizations listed above.

  • Reach out to Asian Americans in your life with kindness and support.

  • Offer a smile and warm greeting to Asian American people you meet.

  • Expose yourself and your children to books, news, and films with positive Asian lead characters.

  • Participate in a free Bystander Intervention Training to combat the current rise in harassment and discrimination.

  • Join our Equity and Inclusion Committee. Contact Susie Kohl for information.


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