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A Song for Ukraine’s Children

One of our fifth graders was awed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s leadership when his country was invaded by Russia in February. The boy quoted Zelensky’s statements demonstrating his humanity and deep affection for his people and his country. He felt the people of Ukraine exemplified a new kind of courage.

The student's comments inspired his teacher Terry Johnson to create this “Song for the Children of Ukraine” with a group of her friends. Several of our students, parents, staff, and alumni contributed to the project.

Terry said, “The song is intended to say, ‘Yes, people around the world are sending food, medical supplies, and so much more, but we also send our love with the understanding that we are all one family.’”

In an outpouring of generosity, Meher Schools families last year contributed clothing, emergency supplies, and funds for Ukrainian refugees through organizations like White Pony Express and Following Francis. One of our fundraisers was recreated for the video. Terry is also executive director of Following Francis.


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