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A Glimpse Inside the World of Video Games

Meher School alumnus Colin MacKie knows video games inside out – literally.

He’s been designing them for nearly 25 years and has worked on some of the most popular titles.

Colin visited our fifth grade Friday, giving the rapt students a behind-the-scenes look at how games are designed. In the photo above, he’s showing the class what the design of a game level looks like and explaining some of the details that go into planning and designing a game.

While working for Sledgehammer Games from 2009 to 2016, Colin was part of teams that developed two Call of Duty games, including the most popular title in the series, Modern Warfare 3. Call of Duty is the best-selling series in its category and the most successful video game franchise created in the U.S.

After that, he worked at Industrial Light and Magic, where he was design director on the Emmy-finalist Vader Immortal virtual reality series. Earlier in his career, he was a lead designer with Insomniac Games, where he worked on the award-winning Ratchet and Crank series. One of his first jobs was with LucasArts.

Today Colin is CEO of Lila, Inc., where, his LinkedIn profile explains, he leads a team of “video game experts, talent directors, and master storytellers in defining the next revolution in emotionally engaging social entertainment.”

Colin attended Meher School through third grade, when his family moved to the East Coast. He has a niece in our third grade.


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