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A Bright and Caring Environment, Full of Potential

Meet new third grade co-teacher Kimberly Marks

With seven years’ teaching experience, including two at highly regarded private schools, our new third grade co-teacher, Kimberly Marks, could have her choice of teaching jobs. Why did she choose The Meher Schools?

“I chose to teach here because I am aligned with the mission and values of the school. I believe in a loving educational approach to spark the joy of lifelong learning. The Meher Schools community has shown this by welcoming me with kindness and support. Here everyone is seen and appreciated for who they are. This sense of belonging outweighs the option to teach somewhere else for a higher salary. I value the arts in education, and am honored to collaborate with like-minded educators.”

Kimberly’s co-teacher is Scott Rose, who has taught here for 12 years. “I believe there is power in purposeful team-teaching,” she says. “Together with Scott as my co-teacher, we’re able to create a dynamic, interactive learning experience for our students, to increase instructional options and model teamwork, and broaden student engagement.

“Scott has been a solid mentor, and I value the skills and strategies he has shared with me. Working as a team, he and I embrace our own unique teaching styles, exhibit respect for differences, and demonstrate conflict-resolution skills.” “Kimberly is a welcome addition to the third grade teaching team,” Scott says. “Students respond well to her naturally positive nature and demeanor. She’s creative, engaging, and caring, as demonstrated by her thoughtful reading and writing lessons, and has an empathetic ear. We’re lucky to have her.”

Kimberly sees The Meher Schools as a “safe space, where students are properly challenged academically and socially, and teachers are supported and respected by the administration. I notice community members smiling, saying hello, and genuinely wanting to be a part of something bigger. I think The Meher Schools is a bright and caring environment, full of potential.

“My main passions are building relationships with students and developing in them a sense of environmental awareness. I am determined to make the world a better place through education.” (She has a BA in environmental studies and an MA in education.)

Kimberly is the proud “dog mom” of a mixed terrier named Fiona. “Over the course of the pandemic, I and the people I live with fostered tens of dogs. Fiona is one we couldn’t let go. She loves being a teacher's pet and looks forward to visiting The Meher Schools very soon.” And we look forward to meeting her!


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