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We're Teaming Up with WPE to Aid Ukraine Refugees

The Meher Schools is partnering with White Pony Express (WPE) to collect medications and non-perishable food to aid the more than two million civilians who have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion began. The United Nations estimates the refugee figure could reach as high as four million.

WPE will ship donated items to trusted organizations serving the refugees streaming into Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and other neighboring countries.

WPE Executive Director (and Meher School mother) Eve Birge says, “Our work is to give all we can, in all the ways we can, to all the people we can. With the support of our community, we can provide essential items for our friends from Ukraine who are in desperate need. There is enough abundance in our county to make a significant contribution to this effort.”

We’ll be collecting first aid supplies at school. (See below for information about donating food.) WPE also needs many volunteers to help with various aspects of the campaign. See below for details.

What We’re Collecting at School

Please leave donations outside the co-principals’ office, which is off the admin parking lot. (Please park in the lower lot or on the street.)

Medical Kits

WPE will be providing medical kits consisting of these items. It’s okay to donate parts of a kit. WPE will assemble kits from individually donated items.

  • 4 large and extra-large vinyl gloves

  • 2 extra-large surgical dressings or maxi-pads

  • 4 butterfly closures or sterile strips

  • 6 heavy-duty Band-Aids

  • 3 large 4-x-4-inch gauze pads

  • 1 tube or a couple of packets of triple-antibiotic ointment

  • 1 self-adhering bandage (like Coban wrap) or elastic bandage wrap (like ace wrap)

  • 1 cotton bandage roll or gauze roll

First Aid Supplies

Pain: Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, Arnica (topical), Excedrin (tension headache), Bayer Headache

Allergies/hay fever: Zyrtec, Allegra, Claritin, Benadryl

Flu-like symptoms: Oscillococcinum, Sudafed

Rash, burns, cuts, and scrapes: Cortisone-10, Desitin (diaper rash), antibiotic ointment, Polysporin ointment, Antiseptic Skin Cleanser (CVS)

Diarrhea: Immodium or generic loperamide, Pepto Bismol (liquid or pills)

Constipation: Dulcolax tablets, Dulcolax suppositories, stool softener, generic Lactulose, magnesium citrate

Nausea/heartburn: Dramamine, Nexium 24-Hour OTC, Pepcid OTC, Rolaids, Mylanta, Prilosec OTC

Wound dressing/injury: Large sterile pads, elastic wraps for sprained ankles, Steri-Strips, zinc wound wash, gauze pads (small and large), gauze bandage rolls, ace ankle bandages, Bite & Sting Relief Wipes (CVS), alcohol wipes

* * *

Food Donations

Nonperishable food donations can be dropped off at WPE’s distribution center in Pleasant Hill, 3380 Vincent Rd #107, seven days a week, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. No appointment is necessary.

Volunteers Needed

WPE will welcome new volunteers to help host food and clothing drives, work to raise funds to purchase boxes and pay for shipping, and help sort, package, and label boxes. Eve Birge notes, “At WPE, the loving way our volunteers handle, pack, and deliver items is vitally important, as it conveys our respect and love for those we serve. If ever there was a time for these refugees to feel loved, respected, and cared for, it is now.”

To volunteer, visit the WPE website ( or email

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