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Celebrating Founders Day

Sunday was Founders Day, when we observe the founding of the school and the shared birthday of its founders, Ivy O. Duce and Meher Baba. We celebrated the occasion on Friday. Elementary students saw the premiere of a short video about Mrs. Duce, A Legacy of Love, produced by fifth grade teacher Terry Johnson.

The Liedstrand family band delighted us all with their spirited fiddle tunes, as they have almost every Founders Day since 1986. First they played in the preschool yards, then on the stage on the playground. From right to left in the photo above are Cindy Liedstrand (guitar), her husband, Harry (fiddle), and Anton Allen (mandolin and penny whistle). The woman in the orange vest is Ellen Evans, who was our principal for the first 41 years. (We turned 49 on Sunday.)

And then there were the cookies—all 434 of them!—that we served to students and staff as a Founders Day treat. The gluten-free sugar cookies were baked by Bonnie Forman, a baker and the mother of two of our alumni, and frosted on both sides(!), decorated with candy flowers, and individually wrapped by Special Projects Coordinator Sue Tacker and a team of parent volunteers and friends of the school. (They even made the flowers!) How did they taste? Ask this girl.


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