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The Meher Schools

Winter 2021 Enrollment Requests

Hover over an option for more details, then fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

We will do our best to accommodate every family's request. Please know the details of these options may change before we start school, depending on enrollment, staffing, and county guidelines.


There are many factors to consider in placing students. For continuity, we'll try to keep students with their current teachers and/or peers as much as possible, meet scheduling requests as best we can, and keep balanced classes.

The options below are for January through Spring Break.

Full Distance

By choosing this option, you commit to full distance learning through Spring Break. 

Taught by the classroom teams and enrichment teachers, Distance Learning will continue to include a mix of daily structured instruction, indoor and outdoor projects, and enrichment classes. The curriculum will cover all regular academic material. 

Some grades send packets of physical materials and projects home weekly.




Hours: Varies by grade. Amount of screen time will be developmentally apropriate.

working together.jpg
w/ Optional Aftercare

Space will be limited,

and vary by grade.

Children will be in small, self-contained cohorts with one or more of their regular classroom teachers. The day will include some enrichment classes.

Some activities (like enrichment classes) may be streamed into the classroom and facilitated by the on-campus teacher.

In each grade there will be at least one cohort with aftercare available. Some grades may have an on-campus cohort with no aftercare.

On-Campus with

Optional Aftercare

Hours: 8am - 5pm or 6:30pm

dependent on staffing


This option would allow us to have more children on campus in some grades given our limited staffing.


Children would be on campus for half a day, then have distance learning assignments for the other half. Our ability to run hybrid cohorts varies from grade to grade.



(Some Grades)

Estimated Hours:

8-12 on campus, 1-2:30 online

If you are considering an on-campus option, please read our Re-Opening Guide to understand the health and safety precautions we take on campus.

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